The next Raise the Bar horseshow at Eastwick Stables is Saturday, November 5, 2016.  Flyer and entry blank available thru the Events page.  Click on the Raise the Bar link to see show dates for all participating facilities.


The barns at Eastwick have a total of 28 stalls.  The main barn has stalls, wash rack with hot and cold running water, tack room, supply room, and feed room.  We also have a 3-stall and a 4-stall barn separate from the main barn.  The stalls vary in size with the smallest at 12 feet x 12 feet.  The walls are concrete blocks.  Each stall has a window that opens to the outside, an overhead fly-spray system, wire-mesh front for good ventilation and easy viewing, and a half-door.  The barns have a fire detection system, and the property is monitored by multiple security cameras.

Contact showmanager@eastwickstables.com for additional information.

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The outdoor arena is nestled among the oak trees, is approximately one acre in size, and is lighted with 280 amps of light. We have a variety of jumps including coops, roll tops, walls, planks, gates, and any combination of those.  Also in this area is a regulation dressage arena.

The indoor arena is a 90 foot x 200 foot metal building.  The footing is a combination of sand and clay, which is amended regularly to keep the footing comfortable and safe for riding.   The windows line the walls for a more spacious feel, and good overhead lighting makes riding day or night possible.  There is an automatic sprinkler system that helps keep the footing in good condition and minimize dust.

The gallop track  is a 1/2-mile track and lays just to the east of the paddocks.  The track is a composite of sand and ground soil.  It is surrounded by riding trails, wooded areas, and fields complete with a pond - a perfect place to work your horse away from the barn and arenas. 

The turnouts at Eastwick are a full-acre with plenty of grass.  The winter schedule includes daytime turn out; the summer schedule includes turn out at night.  Most of the fields are shared by two or three horses.  In the winter, round bales of prairie hay are placed in the turnouts for supplemental munching.

The round pen at Eastwick offers a great place to work a young horse.  It is a 60-foot diameter pen with pipe and cable fencing. The footing is a composite sand and ground soil. The ground is worked regularly with the Arena Works so the footing is good and safe for working your horse.

The Mare Motel stands just to the north of the Manager's Office at Eastwick. It is for stalling horses at horseshows.  The stalls are enclosed by pipe rail fence. Each stall is about 10 feet x 12 feet and covered on 3 sides.









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